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Rottne F10D available in a new narrower version

Tue, 19/06/2018 - 11:45
Rottne is now launching the thinning forwarder Rottne F10D in a new narrower version – while the power package Rottne F20D has been upgraded with even greater tractive force than before.

Rottne F10D was designed from the outset as a small and versatile forwarder ideal for working in dense thinning stands. Now there’s a new version available, which is only 2400 mm wide, and allows you to manoeuvre effortlessly when thinning – and perfectly matches the stand-operating thinning harvester Rottne H8D.

“The market for small machines is growing the whole time, so it feels fitting to be able to manufacture and produce this forwarder,” says Samuel Östling who works with technical sales support at Rottne.

The normal version of Rottne F10D has a width of 2580 millimetres, the new model will be 180 millimetres narrower and arrives at 2400. It may not sound much, 18 centimetres, but in the forest it can be crucial – and together with the 45 degree steering angle this means a huge difference.

“This machine moves effortlessly through the forest at the same time as it leaves less traces and narrower branch roads,” says Samuel.

“In addition, this width is a requirement on specific overseas markets, which of course, makes it attractive and interesting in these countries.”

PHOTO: The new narrower Rottne F10D is delivered with the wheel size 500/60×22.5 instead of 600/50×22.5 or 710/40×22.5. It also has narrower bunks. The load area is 3.6 m2.

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Can you afford not to operate Rottne? Lowest repair costs in the industry

Tue, 19/06/2018 - 10:42
A recent survey conducted by Skogsbruket’s Technical Collaboration Group (TSG), shows that Rottne has the lowest costs for labour and spare parts.

In 2017, TSG studied the total costs for four different repair scenarios for the machine type large final felling machines. The machine manufacturers studied were Rottne, Eco Log, John Deere, Komatsu and Ponsse. The survey showed that Rottne has the absolute lowest total cost for repairs.

“This is really nice to see. And with spare parts from our exchange system Rottne Xparts, with an average cost for spare parts of 60 percent of the new price, our repair costs are even lower,” says Tobias Johansson, MD at Rottne.

TSG’s survey showed in the four cases studied a reduced spare parts cost of a full 48 percent if parts from Rottne Xparts were used.

So the question is, can you afford not to operate Rottne?

Read more here.

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U.S. log exports increases 12.5% to 4.29 million m3 in first four months of 2018

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 14:51

U.S. log exports reached 4.29 million m3 through April, up 12.5% from the first four months of 2017, according to the USDA data. The value of exports increased 18.2% vs. year-ago figures to $913.9 million, and the average export price gained 5.0% to $213 per cubic meter.

In January-April 2018, the U.S. log exports to China increased 19.5% to 2.17 million m3, and the average price for U.S logs in China up 3.6% to $236 per cubic meter. The log exports to Canada was up 4.5% to 1.10 million m3, average price up 6.7% to $101 per cubic meter. Exports to Japan gained 4.5% to 645.14 thousand m3, and average price jumped 16.0% to $256 per m3.

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Brazil’s wood-based product exports increased by 30% in April

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 13:14

Brazilian exports – In April 2018, the value of Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 30% compared to April 2017, from $221 million to $287 million reports ITTO.

Pine sawnwood export values rose 28.5% between April 2017 ($38.3 million) and March 2018 ($49.2 million). In terms of volume, exports increased 24% over the same period, from 187,700 cubic metres to 233,000 cubic metres.

Tropical sawnwood exports increase 49% in volume, from 31,000 cubic metres in April 2017 to 46,200 cubic metres in April 2018.

The value of this trade increased 42% from $14.2 million to $20.2 million over the same period.

Pine plywood exports also increased, jumping 68% in value in April 2018 in comparison to April 2017, from $40.6 million to $68.3 million. The volume of exports increased 35% over the same period, from 146,800 cubic metres to 198,500 cubic metres.

As for tropical plywood, exports increased in value from $5.4 million in April 2017 to $6.1 million in April 2018.

To cap off a good month, wooden furniture exports rose from $38.2 million in April 2017 to $45.3 million in March 2018 an almost 19% rise.

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FPInnovations sign agreements

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 12:51

FPInnovations, the Laurentian Forestry Centre (LFC) of Natural Resources Canada, Université Laval and its Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics announce the signature of collaboration agreements aimed at developing the full innovation potential of the wood and forest sectors.

This new operational synergy is based, among other things, on the complementary efforts of research forces and the sharing of infrastructures and laboratories, in order to maximize the impacts of research investments to the benefit of the competitiveness of the forest sector. This sector is therefore becoming one of the first ones to align its innovation efforts to meet the challenges it is facing.

This announcement follows the relocation, last spring, of FPInnovations’ activities and the pooling of targeted research efforts.

FPInnovations is a not-for-profit world leader that specializes in the creation of scientific solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness and responds to the priority needs of its industry members and government partners.

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Lecta Commits To Solar Energy At Its Condat Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare Mill

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 12:23


Solar Energy – In keeping with its commitment to the environment and increased energy efficiency, Lecta has announced an innovative renewable energy project to harness solar radiation for thermal power to be used in manufacturing processes at its Condat Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare mill in France.

With the help of an expert specialized in the installation of thermal power plants for the paper industry, starting this fall Lecta will have a thermal solar power plant at the mill with a capacity of 3.4 MWth. Its total surface area will be 1.4 hectares, with 45,434 square feet of solar panels deployed on the surrounding land and an ability to provide around 3,900 MW/year of energy. Panels with solar trackers, mechanical devices that orient the collectors, will follow the position of the sun during the day and convert the sun’s rays into thermal energy that will be sent to the mill as hot water.

Given the environmental benefits, including reduced gas consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as increasing the value of undeveloped land, job creation and, most importantly, promoting renewable energy in the New Aquitaine region with what will be the largest thermal solar power plant in France, the project  has received the support of ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), which is financing 65% of the costs.

After the completion of the initial phase, which included its presentation to the local administration and securing the required licenses, the land is now being prepared for construction within the expected timeframe, with completion initially anticipated for September of this year.

With this project at its French mill, Lecta consolidates its position as an environmentally responsible company committed to solar energy as a sustainable, renewable resource, supporting its innovative use in manufacturing processes.

For further information about Lecta’s commitment to a sustainable future, please visit www.lecta.com

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Wood pellet exports from the U.S. up

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 12:01
Wood pellet exports from the U.S.  are up 10.7% in Jan-Apr Wood pellet exports from the U.S. reached 1.74 million tonnes through April, up 10.7% from the first four months of 2017, according to USDA data. The average export price gained 5.2% to $140 per tonne.

The wood pellet exports to UK increased 7.8% to 1.30 million tonnes, and average price up 5.5% to $144 per tonne. The exports to Denmark jumped by 85.0% to 235.66 thousand tonnes, average price dropped 6.3% to $152 per tonne.

The pellet exports from the U.S. to Belgium have fallen by 45.8% to 126.09 thousand tonnes with average price slipped 4.6% to $87 per tonne.

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China: Rise in log imports in 2017

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 11:41

China’s log imports in 2017 totaled 55.43 million cubic metres valued at US$9.927 billion, a year on year increase of 14% in volume and 23% in value. The average price for imported logs was US$179 per cubic metre, a year on year increase of 8%.

Of total log imports, 2017 softwood log imports rose 13% to 38.38 million cubic metres, accounting for 69% of the national total, a 1% decline on 2016 levels. The average price for imported softwood logs in 2017 was US$134 per cubic metre, up 11% on levels in 2016.

New Zealand still the top source of logs – New Zealand was the main log supplier to China in 2017 accounting for 26% of total log imports. Imports from New Zealand totaled 14.36 million cubic metres in 2017, a year on year increase of 19%.

The second ranked supplier of logs was Russia at 11.27 million cubic metres, accounting for about 20% of the national total. In 2017 a year on year increase of just 1% was recorded for log imports from Russia. Average prices for imported logs both from New Zealand and Russia rose 12% and 9% respectively in 2017.

Source: ITTO Tropical Timber Report

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PF Olsen replacement CEO announced

Mon, 18/06/2018 - 11:14
Forestry services firm PF Olsen Ltd has announced a replacement CEO for Peter Clark when he steps down at the end of September this year.

Te Kapunga Dewes will join PF Olsen Ltd, the Rotorua headquartered company as CEO. Mr Dewes has a strong background in forestry and wood processing and for 7 years was the NZ General Manager for Contract Resources, a substantial firm servicing the energy sector. He has a degree in Forestry from Canterbury University, and an MBA with distinction from Waikato University.

PF Olsen has 200 staff and employs hundreds of contractors servicing forest establishment and harvesting operations across Australia and New Zealand. The company was founded in 1971 by the late Peter Olsen. Peter Clark joined it in 1979 and became CEO in 1999.

Mr Dewes will be just the third CEO in the 47-year history of the firm. He joins at a time when the forest industry is in a growth phase. There is an expanding harvest profile based on extensive plantings during the 1990’s and recognition that planting more trees is a cost effective domestic response needed to meet New Zealand’s international climate change commitments.

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Director appointed to National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life

Fri, 15/06/2018 - 11:28

One of the world’s most renowned figures in timber durability and protection, Professor Jeff Morrell of Oregon State University, has been appointed as Director of the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life for a term of five years.

The Centre, which is based at the University of the Sunshine Coast, is a strategic initiative led by FWPA, and is a partnership between industry, academia and government designed to put Australia at the forefront of international best practice. It aims to use evidence-based data, systems and tools to underpin consumer confidence in the performance of timber products.

In particular, the goal over the next five years is to develop a predictive, evidence-based model to enable architects and building specifiers to more easily choose the right timber for the right task, accurately forecasting structural performance and design life.

Professor Morrell is currently a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering at Oregon State University and is a former President of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) and the International Research Group on Wood Protection.

He has extensive standards development experience through his involvement in AWPA and currently chairs the Committee on Treatment Standards for Utility Poles, which has seen him work with a variety of treaters on quality control, particularly with difficult-to-treat species.

Although based in his home country of the USA for most of his career, Professor Morrell has spent a number of years working in Australia on sabbatical, where his important work around wood durability and protection has seen him become a well-known and respected figure within both the local and international industries, and the local research community.

Professor Morrell said: “I am looking forward to working with the recently-appointed industry steering committee and with students, who will become future leaders in Australian Forestry. My goal is to ensure that Australian industry has access to the world’s leading research and best practice, and to build links between industry, academia and customers.”

Managing Director of FWPA, Ric Sinclair, said he was delighted to welcome an expert of Professor Morrell’s calibre.

“Jeff has a long held interest in Australia’s forest and wood industry, and it is exciting to hear his enthusiasm for maximising the many opportunities that exist here. We believe he is the perfect fit for the role, having spent extended periods of time working within and familiarising himself with the Australian industry, while also bringing a fresh perspective thanks to his vast international experience and impressive body of work,” he said.

“With our industry steering committee now established and this appointment, the Centre is in the strongest position to deliver the best possible outcomes for our industry both domestically and on the world stage.”

The Centre was launched in 2016 under the leadership of Founding Fellow Professor Phil Evans and, although based in Queensland, it has been set up to take a national and international approach.

Other partners investing in the Centre include the University of Queensland (UQ) and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

To find out more about the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life, contact Chris Lafferty at Forest and Wood Products Australia on chris.lafferty@fwpa.com.au

Media contact:
Victoria Button [p] +61 3 9036 6900 [m] + 61 415 201 361 [e] victoria.button@peselandcarr.com.au


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ORDERFOX.com platform extension for the CNC Woodworking Industry

Wed, 13/06/2018 - 13:16
The Internet of the CNC industry – now also for the CNC Woodworking Industry

ORDERFOX.com is the world’s largest platform for the CNC Industry, and is now extending into a new industry – CNC Woodworking. Manufacturers and Buyers can take advantage of completely new market opportunities on ORDERFOX.com – and completely for Free!

Manufacturers can search for CNC jobs, both locally and globally, while buyers can place orders and expand their partner and supplier networks. With features like a Global Trade Show & Event Calendar, a Knowledge & Trends section, as well as the recently integrated Autodesk ForgeTM Viewer into the platform, members have an even greater added value. Moving through 2018 ORDERFOX.com will expand its functionality to add a completely free CNC Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, a Careers Centre for employment postings, and an Innovative Communications Tool.

With the focus and adoption of Industry 4.0, the development of the ORDERFOX.com platform has created pathways for its members to take advantage of new opportunities and partners, the ability to network globally and stream-line work flow efficiency. All of these attributes are not only prerequisites for success, but operational and strategic goals for companies that want to maintain their position or create a competitive advantage to secure their future.

ORDERFOX.com connects CNC manufacturers, buyers and their supplier industries globally for free, with the click of a mouse, while providing access to information quickly and organized for efficiency. When searching for a suitable business partner as a buyer, seller or supplier, looking to expand new customer potential, interested in research and the review of important market information, or using the platform as a source for making strategic business decisions based on global market trends, ORDERFOX.com – “The Internet of the Industry” is the only completely free solution.

On the road to success: ORDERFOX.com now also for the CNC Woodworking Industry
ORDERFOX.com went live in June 2017 and has been blazing a pathway to success ever since. As we continue to grow, ORDERFOX.com continues to expand its offerings and now includes the CNC Woodworking Industry. CNC Woodworking companies around the world can now benefit from the multitude of global opportunities and functionality not available to them prior. Increase new customer potential by the millions with the access of Individuals within the woodworking sector – a greater opportunity for more customers leads to an increase in revenue potential, and all free of charge.

Customized Order Search and Interactive Company Profiles
The intelligent filter functions available on ORDERFOX.com make searching, filtering, finding and placing orders for all community members easy and efficient. The filter function categories include technology, materials, certification, industry, location, language, etc., and with the addition of a completed profile, companies can present themselves globally in what can be seen as an informational resource site, free of charge. With a profile on ORDERFOX.com, companies become community members in the largest global CNC database, and can benefit from many new business opportunities and available features via the ORDERFOX.com network. With the company search feature, users have direct access to new potential business partners, with new company additions displayed on a daily basis.
As an ORDERFOX.com community member, if you do not want to be contacted, you may remain anonymous and can hide you contact information via the Privacy Mode. In addition, members receive clear reports and e-mail notifications informing user about all business activities.

Best Practice Solution for CNC Manufacturers
A key focus of all CNC manufacturers is on optimal machine utilization. If the workload is low and a company has capacity, a CNC manufacturer can quickly and easily search for new CNC jobs that perfectly match their company profile. If a manufacturer is at capacity or a machine is down, they can quickly find a suitable partner on ORDERFOX.com to outsource the work to confidentially. With a compete and informative company profile, CNC manufacturers will only receive orders that really fit within their company capabilities, and with the numerous filter functions, the search is more efficient than ever before. Additional features like setting the geographic range of a job search, from a global search down to the mile, makes job search results more easily manageable – and alternate information is also available at the click of a mouse, for example – whether a job has been awarded, is still available or has been postponed to a later date. Regardless of how a community member searches and what number of results are available, the manufacturer always has the ability to contact the purchaser directly, and they can then go through their normal partner vetting processes directly, without outside interference, and as always, ORDERFOX.com keeps all community members informed on a regular basis regarding all business activity.

Buyers can Optimize their Processes and Find New Suppliers Globally
For buyers, ORDERFOX.com provides a range of contacts to meet any requirement – from mass producers to highly specialized manufacturing firms with niche expertise. The efficient and easy to use interface makes job placement very easy, with numerous filter functions available as drop-down menus such as; material, industry, technology location, etc. In addition, Exclusive Partners and a Company Blacklists can be created for those whom users want to continue to work with, or those companies that members choose not to have communication with or allow them to have access to their information. On ORDERFOX.com, the process is very simple, efficient and precise. Whether you need to complete an order in the shortest possible time, or you are looking for resources for a long-term cooperation, ORDERFOX.com will always find the right partner.

Platform Extension Provides Individual Benefits
With the platform extension into the CNC Woodworking Industry, individuals now have the opportunity to place orders directly on ORDERFOX.com and can have their individual customized furniture piece or shaped-wood parts estimated, procured and produced by a professional manufacturer on both local and global scales.

Company Profile Provides Global Networking
A complete company profile on ORDERFOX.com provides members with an increased level of advantages and access both locally and globally through the world’s largest CNC database. With a complete profile, the market is more aware of the members existence, and can provide access to more potential new business opportunities within the ORDERFOX.com network.

Company profiles can be created very easily on ORDERFOX.com. The fully customizable input fields and preconfigured multiple-choice fields greatly simplify the development and creation of a company profile. Companies can present their fleet of machines, references, certifications, an overview about their company and capabilities with additional tools such as; photos, videos, company brochures, white papers, success stories, etc., all though an easy to use drag & drop function, with changes easily able to be made quickly and easily at any time.

If a member company is looking for new business partners either locally or globally, they can do so by using the company search function. With efficient and intelligent filter functions for searching by geography, technologies, materials, industries, certifications, number of employees, etc., or if they do not wish to be contacted or want to remain anonymous, they can set the Privacy Mode setting within the company profile, and their contact information will be hidden.

ORDERFOX.com is Free to Use
The use of ORDERFOX.com, with all of its features and services is free for all members – Buyers, CNC Manufacturers and Individuals. ORDERFOX.com can offer the platform free to community members because of Strategic Partnerships and specially developed Premium Partner Programs, for which it generates revenue. With the advancement of Industry 4.0 and Procurement 4.0, platforms like ORDERFOX.com have to adapt efficiently to meet the ever-demanding market changes. With the industry changes and market fluctuations, ORDERFOX.com is focused on remaining a leader and a trendsetter and is continuously expanding to adapt to those changes and demands with the integration of new features, offerings and partnerships that are specific to future advancement.

The ORDERFOX.com Trade Show & Event Calendar is unique within the CNC industry. Community members have the ability to include in-house company events and open houses viewable globally in the platform and promote their events for free. In addition, for ease of use and to make this section more highly trafficked, members will soon be able to expand their visibility and access with the inclusion of new Travel Management Functionality.

For the ORDERFOX.com Knowledge & Trends section, content partnerships have been developed, and are growing every week with international trade press, associations and universities to provide the most important industry news, research, specialist articles, white papers, etc., that would be of interest to our community members.

The integration of the Autodesk ForgeTM Viewer into the ORDERFOX.com platform brings great advantages to the community members. Anyone who uploads 2D or 3D design data in the “Place Order” area in the future can now have it converted into a 2D or 3D model using the Autodesk ForgeTM Viewer. This view model is then visible for each order on ORDERFOX.com.

The “Internet of the CNC Industry” is constantly being expanded to benefit the wants and needs of community members. A CNC Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, a Careers Centre and an Innovative Communication Tool are currently being developed and will be available soon. In addition, numerous material options and industries are currently being planned for the next wave of expansion. ORDERFOX.com is changing the way companies and Individuals work on a daily basis to make them more efficient, and providing them benefits that were not attainable prior, so that industries can continue to thrive and grow through the access to information and resources.

About ORDERFOX.com
ORDERFOX AG, based in Ruggell in the Principality of Liechtenstein, offers ORDERFOX.com, the only free global platform solution with which companies in the CNC metal and CNC wood processing industries can actively manage digital change. ORDERFOX.com makes it easy for companies to meet the challenges of Digitization and Industry 4.0. ORDERFOX.com is the Internet of the CNC Industry, which connects CNC manufacturers, buyers and their supplier industries quickly and easily using intelligent filter functions. This significantly reduces both transaction and time-to-market costs.

Since the launch, 25 languages, a Global Trade Show & Event Calendar for the CNC industry, the Knowledge & Trends feature, and the Autodesk ForgeTM Viewer have been integrated into this dynamic and growing platform. By expanding and opening the platform for the global CNC woodworking industry and individual, access to potential customers increases into the millions. Extension of the platform to include other materials and industries are also being planned. In addition, a CNC Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, Career Centre, and an Innovative Communication Tool is also being developed and will be launched this year, with the use of all features and services on ORDERFOX.com available for free.

Further Information: www.orderfox.com.

A summary of the advantages of ORDERFOX.com for CNC manufacturers and buyers:

ORDERFOX.com is the solution for CNC manufacturers if:

  • they are searching for new CNC jobs on short notice because they have the capacity.
  • they want to outsource jobs because they are at capacity, or a machine has broken down.
  • they are searching for jobs locally or globally.
  • they only want to see jobs that meet their criteria perfectly.
  • they are looking for a tool similar to Google and other search engines developed specifically for their industry sector.
  • they want to use their entry into digitization and Industry 4.0 to generate a competitive advantage.
  • they are looking for access to professional solutions for everyday problems.
  • they want to identify market developments at an early stage to make the right strategic decisions, e.g. investments and manufacturing trends.

ORDERFOX.com is the solution for buyers if:

  • they want to use all of the advantages of digital tendering processes and continue on towards the promising horizon of Industry 4.0.
  • they want to find qualified suppliers locally or globally.
  • they want to update and optimize their network of suppliers continuously.
  • they are looking for highly qualified suppliers for long-term, reliable partnerships.
  • they want to make their tendering processes simple, efficient, quick and accurate.
  • they need CNC parts at short notice.
  • they are looking for a tool similar to Google and other search engines developed specifically for their industry sector.

ORDERFOX.com Highlights:

  • ORDERFOX.com is the CNC marketplace for CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and the supplying industry.
  • ORDERFOX.com connects CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers.
  • ORDERFOX.com searches and finds automatically the right partner.
  • ORDERFOX.com is the only global platform for the CNC market.
  • ORDERFOX.com generates data for CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and partner.

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Expressions of Interest – ForestTECH 2018

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 14:29

ForestTECH is this region’s premier technology series. It’s run for Australasia’s forest resource managers, planners, inventory foresters and GIS and mapping specialists by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA). Since 2007, it’s the one event every year that focuses on this particular part of the forestry industry.

Forest owners, forestry mangers, key researchers and technology providers are also now picking up the opportunity of building in their own client meetings, workshops and discussion groups around the event.

Last year we had over 270 delegates attended the ForestTECH series. All major forestry companies in Australia and New Zealand were represented along with representatives from major Indonesian and South African companies.

The focus for ForestTECH 2017 was “unlocking the true value of data”. New systems for better measuring, managing and analysing this information were reviewed. Emphasis was also put on research findings from in-forest trials and a three-year, AU$1.8 million collaborative research project on remote sensing jointly funded by Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA), forestry companies, universities and government.

What’s planned for 2018?
Key themes for this year’s event will include;

– Storage, processing and management of “big data”

– The practical application of automation, robotics and sensors by forest managers

– Integrating virtual and augmented reality into forestry operations

– Results and lessons from reconciling remote sensing data into the field

– New innovations in mobile forest apps and collection tools

– Mobile communications advances in more remote locations

– Results from remote sensing research and in-forest trials

– Workflow solutions for data collected from airborne and UAV systems

– New mapping and GIS applications

– Changing skill sets required by today’s forest resource managers

Already a number of leading offshore companies (researchers and tech suppliers from Canada, the USA and Europe) have put up their hand to be involved in ForestTECH 2018. At this stage, we are now calling for expressions of interest for presenting at this year’s November series. It’s planned to run in Rotorua, New Zealand on 14-15 November and then again in Melbourne, Australia on 20-21 November.

Further details can be found on the event website. Information on exhibition opportunities will be sent out in the next month or so. If interested in presenting this year, please contact the Programme Manager, brent.apthorp@fiea.org.nz BEFORE Friday 29 June.

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NZ – Slash – Forestry debris – causes major damage on the East coast

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 14:07
Masses of forestry debris that flooded a small town north of Gisborne has created a NZ$10 million cleanup, but questions have been raised about who should pay. Heavy rain caused water to flood through Tolaga Bay, crashing through homes when the Mangaheia River burst its banks on Monday reports Friday Offcuts.

It took slash – forestry debris – in its wake damaging roads and bridges and piling up on farms and in gullies. Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon said while the forestry sector would support in what he expected to be a NZ$10m cleanup, ratepayers would have to help pay. Foon said most of the flood damage affected roads and bridges.

When asked if forestry should foot the whole bill for clean-up efforts, Foon said forestry had been supportive in the past. The council began looking into the issue of slash in the wake of ex-tropical Cyclone Cook in April last year. As of two months ago a national environment standard meant there were stricter planting and fresh water rules. “We will be making sure that we implement those,” Foon said.

Forestry Minister Shane Jones called the debris-strewn flood an extraordinarily severe weather event and a “wake-up call”. The Government, he said, would decide in the next week or so what it could do to help. We’ve got to do better. I don’t know of anyone in the forest sector who does not accept that their practices need to improve.”

New Zealand Forest Owners Association communications manager Don Carson said the land which held slash and timbers was some of the most “highly erodible” land in the world. Similar incidences were known to happen but no landscape could have tolerated such a high amount of isolated rainfall. The area was forested in “less enlightened times”.

Carson said anyone who caused environmental damage should not buck their obligations, nor should anyone be held totally accountable. “I do know that companies in the Nelson area assisted in the cleanup there. I would expect the same sort of thing to happen in Tolaga Bay.”

Source: stuff.co.nz,
Photo: Marty Sharpe

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HVP Plantations appoints new COO

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 12:45
HVP Plantations has announced that it has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Rob Hescock (photo), who has held the position of General Manager Northern Region at HVP Plantations since 2010, has taken up the COO role. Prior to his time at HVP, Rob held a series of operational roles across forestry in Australia and the U.S. Additionally, the General Manager Northern Region role has also been filled, with Anne Partridge promoted to the leadership team in this role.

Stephen Ryan, HVP Plantations ’ Chief Executive Officer, commented “We couldn’t be happier to have appointed Rob for this important role. He has worked across a variety of HVP’s locations and operational functions, as well as served as a member of our leadership team for the past eight years. Each of these elements of his career has equipped him with skills and knowledge that will benefit HVP.”

Mr Ryan stated that “HVP also saw the value in appointing a person to the General Manager Northern Region position who has a strong understanding of the regions’ customer needs and forest operations”. Anne Partridge takes on this role with over twenty-five years’ experience in forestry, including fifteen years within HVP in harvest, haulage and customer management roles.

Note: HVP Plantations is a privately-owned plantation forestry company, managing over 240,000 hectares of land across Victoria. HVP supplies logs for sawn timber, paper manufacturing, treated panel board and other timber uses to domestic and export customers.

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New Nokian HTS G2 models released at TOC

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 11:38
Held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, TOC Europe is an event that brings together all the different stakeholders of the container supply chain to learn and discuss – and showcase the latest in port technology. Keeping the goods moving relies heavily on quality tyres, so naturally Nokian Tyres is present with the latest additions to their product line.

New sizes for Nokians latest model
Nokian HTS G2 is the improved new generation of the Nokian HTS harbour tyres. Both slick (Nokian HTS G2 L-4S) and patterned (Nokian HTS G2 E-4) variations bring stability, handling precision and load-bearing capacity for reach stackers, fork lifts and log stackers. To complement the line, both variations are now available also in size 18.00-33.

New models for reach stackers
The Nokian HTS G2 product family now has two new members designed specifically for reach stackers. As the working environment requires good tyre stability, Nokian Tyres has introduced a new carcass material for Nokian HTS G2 with engineering focus on stability on flexing area. This enables improved machine response and safety during operation. New tyre pattern is designed for increased service life as deeper tread enables improved wear resistance and solid center enhances puncture resistance properties.

The best choice for terminal tractors
Nokian HTS Tugger is the first tyre designed especially for terminal tractors. With its low profile, precise handling and massive load-bearing capacity, it suits perfectly for crowded, busy harbours with limited vertical space.

Meet Nokian at TOC Europe 12 – 14 June
Nokian Tyres is present at the booth D3. Go see how the world leader in special tyres pushes the technology forward to keep the goods moving safer, faster and more economically!

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Cargotec appoints Carina Geber-Teir as Senior Vice President, Communications

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 11:14
Cargotec Corporation, Press Release, 6 June 2018 At 3.45 Pm Est

Cargotec appoints Carina Geber-Teir as Senior Vice President, Communications

Carina Geber-Teir, M.Sc. (Pol), (b. 1972) has been appointed Senior Vice President, Communications and will join Cargotec latest during September 2018. She will be responsible for leading the communications, investor relations and sustainability function. She will be a member of Cargotec’s Extended Executive Board and report to CEO Mika Vehviläinen.

Carina Geber-Teir joins Cargotec from OP Financial Group, where she has been a member of the Executive Board and Chief Communications Officer since 2009. Prior to this she was Communications Director at Varma Mutual Pension Insurance company.

“Cargotec is at the forefront of driving a major transformation in the cargo handling industry, where digitalisation and services are central for success. Carina joins us from an industry that is clearly ahead in this development. She has an excellent track record in supporting a similar transformation and building thought leadership successfully. I am convinced she has the experience and drive to help us reach our vision of becoming the leader in intelligent cargo handling,” says Cargotec’s CEO Mika Vehviläinen

“I am delighted to be joining Cargotec and look forward to working with the team and different stakeholders to realise the company’s full potential in shaping the industry,” says Carina Geber-Teir.

As earlier announced, Cargotec’s current SVP, Communications and IR Leena Lie will take up the position of SVP Marketing and Communications at Huhtamäki Oyj latest during September.

The members of Cargotec’s Executive Board and Extended Executive Board can be seen at https://www.cargotec.com/en/investors/corporate-governance/management.

Photo: Carina Geber-Teir

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NZ – Te Uru Rakau/Ngati Hine joint venture

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 14:53


Te Uru Rakau and Ngati Hine Forestry Trust have signed a joint venture to plant and manage about 3,600 hectares of pine trees in the far North, Forestry Minister Shane Jones announced late last week.

“This marks the first joint venture negotiated under the One Billion Trees programme with Ngati Hine Forestry Trust and Te Uru Rakau (Forestry New Zealand) committed to working together on this commercial venture,” Shane Jones said.

“This will be a boost to the local economy and will provide employment opportunities and better social outcomes for the whole region. We’ll plant 500,000 pine trees this year, with a further 2 million planted over the next three years.

“In addition, up to 465 hectares of Manuka will be planted on Ngati Hine Forestry Trust land. At the end of two years a substantial commercial Manuka plantation will be in place with an apiculture business developed to help the Trust diversify its land use.

“This will provide essential work experience for young people, helping them to build a strong foundation for a forestry career. Over two years, up to forty people will participate in the training programme, developing the skills and qualifications they need to succeed.

“We’ll invest $1.9 million in the Manuka planting initiative, with the potential that the training programme developed could also be used in other regions nationwide.

“This initiative supports the Trust’s plans to establish and grow future opportunities for higher skilled and better paid jobs in Northland. It will help create economic resilience in the region and improve the quality of their land for future generations.

“The One Billion Trees programme is more than an investment in trees. It’s about providing an important investment in our people, our regional communities, and our environment,” Shane Jones said.

Late last week the Minister also announced another forestry initiative – Te Uru Rakau (Forestry New Zealand) will work with Ngati Rehia towards an agreement that will see the Crown establish a commercial forest on iwi land, Forestry Minister Shane Jones announced last Friday.

“It’s great news that Te Uru Rakau, and Ngati Rehia are committed to work towards a commercial forestry rights agreement following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties,” said Shane Jones.

“Through the Provincial Growth Fund, we’ll also invest $288,000 to explore the establishment of a kauri sanctuary – free from kauri dieback – on about 45 hectares of sheltered Ngati Rehia land.

“This is another example of this Government pursuing genuine partnerships to support Maori economic development.”

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Image Systems AB acquires Limab Oy

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 11:30


Image Systems AB has concluded an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares outstanding of the Finnish company Limab Oy. Limab Oy, with offices in St Michel and Helsingfors, is active in contactless measurement technology with applications in the sawmill industry, thereby complementing business area RemaSawco with products as well as market shares, especially in Finland, the Baltic States and Russia.

Limab Oy has 22 employees with revenue in the financial year 1 March 2017 – 28 February 2018 of approximately MSEK 56 and profit after taxes of almost MSEK 15. The company is acquired on a debt-free basis MEUR 6.1 (approximately MSEK 62.8). The initial purchase money amounts to MEUR 4.0 (approximately MSEK 41.2).

Additional purchase money will be paid over a period of two years on the condition that Limab Oy’s current shareholders remain employees of the company. The acquisition will be financed by a bank loan in the amount of MSEK 41.2 and a seller’s promissory note in the amount of MSEK 21.6. The debt financing may at a later date be refinanced in the form of a new issue of shares. The transaction is expected to have a positive effect on Image System’s earnings per share in the current year and going forward.

The transaction is expected to close on 8 June 2018.

”We are very happy to integrate ourselves with Image Systems and its subsidiary RemaSawco, a leading company in our industry, with which we share the vision of leading the development of the Digital Sawmill”, says Juho Virta, the majority shareholder and development chief of Limab Oy.

”Our strategic plan for growth includes acquisitions as well as organic growth in the form of new products. The acquisition of Limab serves both of these purposes as we will acquire market shares as well as complement our own product offerings with new products that are a good fit with our ambition to lead the development of the Digital Sawmill of the future, says Johan Friberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Image Systems.

After the acquisition Limab Oy will change its corporate name to RemaSawco Oy.

Questions will be answered by: Johan Friberg, President, telephone +46-13-200 100, e-mail johan.friberg@imagesystems.se

The information in this press release is such that Image Systems AB is obliged to publish in accordance with EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. The information herein was provided for publication at 8:30 noon (CET), 1 June 2018 by the aforementioned contact person.

Photo: Juho Virta, Sales Director  Limab Oy

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Heinola to supply two HFB Progressive Kilns to IKEA

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 10:56
IKEA has ordered two large automatic 2-zone progressive kilns type HFB from Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. with annual capacity of ca. 55,000 cubic metres when drying 50 mm pine to 9% final moisture content.

The new progressive kilns will be taken into production at Swedish furniture manufacture’s production plant in Stalowa Wola, Poland, in the beginning of year 2019.

Heinola has earlier delivered to furniture manufacture’s sawmill in Wielbark five chamber kilns and three large chamber kilns to Chociwell plant.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is the only supplier in Finland concentrating on development of high-quality drying kiln technology.

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BSW announces €40m investment plans

Tue, 05/06/2018 - 14:49

BSW Timber, the UK’s leading integrated forestry and timber company, has announced its latest investment of €40m in Slovenia, constructing a new sawmill, CHP plant and pellet manufacturing facility which will see the creation of 170 new jobs.

Representatives from BSW, including CEO Tony Hackney, were in Slovenia , Tuesday 22nd May to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for their ambitious development plans, together with their partners Government of The Republic of Slovenia, The Slovenian Forest Agency and other stakeholders to launch the investment.

The investment will see the construction on three sites, including a modern sawmill in Gomilsko with state-of-the-art wood processing technology, the development of pellet production and wood biomass cogeneration at the Šoštanj site, and a final site in Letuš will focus on the production of value added products.

Tony Hackney, Chief Executive at BSW Timber, said: “After seeing the success of our Latvian sawmill we were keen to explore new opportunities within The EU.

“Slovenia has some of the best forests in The EU and a largely undeveloped processing sector. We are delighted to be working alongside the Slovenian government to increase the competitiveness of the country’s timber supply chain, in line with their ‘Wood is Beautiful’ strategy.

“With the developing wood shortages in UK, Slovenia is a very attractive country for us to invest in. The Slovenian Government has agreed a 15-year long term contract for 120,000 cubic metres of roundwood which will be backed up by supply from a very supportive private sector while working with domestic sawmills.”

The location of the new mill was decided following an extensive study completed by BSW and Tilhill Forestry, part of the BSW Group, and the Slovenian Forestry Institute.

Alexander Brownlie, BSW’s Commercial Director and Chairman of BSW SI, continued: “The site in Gomilsko is the ideal location for our new sawmill, providing us with access to high quality raw material, a good history of timber processing as well as the added advantage of the site’s geographical location, very good road links and with the Port of Koper offering excellent export links.”

The new sawmill will have the capacity to process an annual input in excess of 300,000m3 sawlogs, making it the largest mill in Slovenia. Its products will be available for the Slovenian market, however BSW plans to build on its successful Latvian marketing model and predominantly export to international markets, such as UK, Southern Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia. Co-products from the Gomilsko mill will be transferred to Šoštanj where the Company will invest in CHP capacity and pellet manufacturing.

Mr Hackney added: “From our experience, every direct job at BSW goes on to create an additional five across a range of relating industries, such as harvesting and logistics. This would mean that from our 170 new roles, up to 850 additional jobs could be created across Slovenia.

“We are really excited about the new development, and look forward to a successful future, building relationships with suppliers, stockists and the timber professionals in Slovenia over the coming years.”

BSW is set to begin construction in September 2018, with the aim to start production in early 2020.

To find out more about the new sawmill, or for more information on the BSW Group,  or call 0800 587 8887.

Photo: CEO Tony Hackney

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