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Developing secure land rights. Yes, but for whom?

GFIS - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 15:05
Community-based approaches to tenure formalization are gaining traction in development policy. The concept is nothing new. Collective tenure has been recognized in legislation for over a decade. What’s new is that it’s now being implemented, which has created a whole new area for research.

Ponsse’s Products – New Solutions For Profitable Harvesting

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 14:45

Ponsse’s products launched at FinnMETKO 2018

PONSSE’S products and services that improve productivity and profitability will have an exceptionally strong presence at the FinnMETKO trade fair in Jämsä, Finland. The PONSSE Bison forwarder and PONSSE Cobra and Fox harvesters will be launched at the fair. These products will complement Ponsse´s already extensive machine range.

The new products are part of the Boost/Save philosophy enabling customers to improve the productivity and cost efficiency of harvesting through the right products, information systems, training and service. Apart from forest machines, Ponsse will be presenting at the FinnMETKO fair new features, products and solutions for environmentally friendly and responsible harvesting.

PONSSE BISON Active Frame – unprecedented forwarder productivity
The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is a ground-breaking innovative forwarder. The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is a next-generation forwarder at its best over long transport distances. Featuring a modern Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine, powerful loader and robust CVT gearbox the Bison Active Frame is an unbeatable powerhouse for timber transport.

The PONSSE Bison Active Frame is equipped with Active Frame cabin suspension system. The structurally simple, yet effective system ensures that lateral swings affecting the driver is eliminated in an efficient and unnoticeable fashion.

PONSSE COBRA – an efficient harvester for varying conditions
The PONSSE Cobra is an eight-wheel all-round harvester with an extensive range of options. The Cobra’s strengths include a powerful six-cylinder engine, a high-performance hydraulics system powered by a large 210cm3 working pump, and a robust and thoroughly tested structure. Thanks to the high quality of its basic solutions, the Cobra is a reliable and fuel-economic package. The accurate and easy-to-use crane, great balance and powerful six-cylinder engine make it an excellent solution for varying conditions.

PONSSE Fox – bringing agility and efficiency to thinning
Thanks to the latest technology and reliable basic solutions, the PONSSE Fox is an economical and efficient harvester. Suitable for demanding conditions and soft terrain, the Fox can easily tackle harvesting challenges thanks to its accurate and powerful crane, good visibility, great stability and low surface pressure. The eight-wheel PONSSE Fox is right at home at thinning sites and on soft terrain. The crane is powerful, easy-to-use and located near the cabin, with excellent visibility to the work area.

PONSSE Active Crane – smooth loader control
The PONSSE Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and boosting work performance. Active Crane is a new method the driver uses to control the grapple movement instead of individual functions. This allows the driver to concentrate on loading. The Active Crane is easy to control using two control levers, one of which controls the grapple height from the ground and the other the direction. What is essential is that the driver does not need to control all the functions simultaneously. When the desired grapple location is specified for the machine, the system performs the lifting, folding and extending operations automatically.

Cleaner operation with the new Stage V engines
The new Mercedes-Benz/MTU Stage V emission-level engines feature state-of-the-art engine technology, which makes them perfect for forest machines requiring an environmentally friendly approach and reliability combined with productive and fuel-economical work. The new Mercedes-Benz/MTU Stage V emission-level engines are efficient and economical.

Longer forwarder bogie – new option ensures lower surface pressure
A new, long bogie option is available for the eight-wheel PONSSE Wisent, Elk and Buffalo forwarder models, intended for loading in soft conditions. With a hub distance of up to 1,890 mm (6.2 feet), the longer bogie reduces the surface pressure of a machine equipped with tracks by up to 17% compared to a standard bogie.

PONSSE Manager Features improved harvesting productivity
Ponsse present new features for Ponsse Manager. The easy-to-use tool offers assistance in harvesting equipment maintenance and work planning, along with providing access to extensive reporting functions. PONSSE Manager provides comprehensive real-time information on equipment performance and work site status. The solution can be easily used via a smartphone, tablet or computer.
PONSSE Manager’s latest feature, hydraulic-pump condition monitoring, enables remote monitoring of the harvester’s working pumps from the office or using a smart device. The state of the working pumps can easily be monitored in the PONSSE Manager’s machine card along with other information. The data produced by condition monitoring improves the utilisation rate of the equipment. Now, condition monitoring provides information about the status and performance of crane and harvester pumps.

Efficient load handling with the PONSSE K121 loader
Ponsse’s new loader offers power and speed for load handling in demanding conditions. The K121 loader is available for the Elephant and ElephantKing forwarder models. The new loader combines high slewing power and lifting capacity, increased reach, new loader geometry and great handling.

PONSSE Seat – new technology for ergonomics
An innovation for improving the driver’s work ergonomics, the PONSSE Seat is the first seat designed specifically for forest machines. The new seat is easy to adjust and has an extra-strong base structure to provide the forest machine driver the best possible work comfort. The new PONSSE Seat dampens swinging motions and vibrations more efficiently than previous models.

Modern tools ensure high-quality training 
PONSSE’s range of training simulators has expanded with two new models. The PONSSE Compact simulator includes full Opti4G control system features for harvesters and forwarders, including harvester head/tracked machine controls as an option. The PONSSE Compact simulator is light and can easily be transported because of its wheelbase. Aimed for operators, the PONSSE Basic simulator makes it possible to practice the main motions of a forwarder and harvester with authentic PONSSE Comfort Grip Controls. The Basic simulator includes a computer and controls attached to a conventional table but no control system. The SimTrainer training environment is also available for both simulators to support planned and controlled training.

Ponsse Service Supports Forest Machine Entrepreneurs 24/7
Ponsse’s international service network consists of more than 180 service and spare parts centres staffed with over 550 experts serving customers. The network features service centres operated by Ponsse, its partners and contracted service providers; service vehicles used for field maintenance; and PONSSE Full Service projects. At FinnMETKO, service will present a wider selection of new solutions than ever before.

Extended warranty for original PONSSE parts
Ponsse now offers the choice between two types of warranty for original spare parts.  Ponsse’s warranty for original spare parts can now be 6 months/1,200 hours or 12 months/2,000 hours. The extension of the warranty only applies to Ponsse’s original spare parts and excludes remanufactured parts.  Parts installed by a Ponsse authorized service shop are eligible for the extended 12 month/2000 hour warranty. In these cases, normal labor rates apply for initial installation.  If the customer installs a part, the spare part warranty remains the normal 6 months or 1,200 hours, whichever occurs first. Labor for subsequent installation of parts claimed to warranty in the 12month/2000 hour time frame is covered by Ponsse.

The PONSSE Parts Online service has already gained 350 users
Through PONSSE Parts Online service, customers can find and order spare parts for their machines. In addition to the ordering functions, PONSSE Parts Online displays the prices and availability of parts in real-time. Through PONSSE Parts Online service, you can order parts from the desired service centre. The service also has spare parts lists and operating manuals as well as the opportunity to record machine-specific notes. The service can be accessed via a PC or a mobile device.

PONSSE Active Manual
The PONSSE Active Manual is a new visual solution to assist drivers with the operation and day-to-day maintenance of their machines. The service utilizes new technology, such as AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D modelling. The Active Manual’s advantages include ease of use and speed. All information is presented in a manner that best suits the machine’s service point in question, enabling easy and fast implementation. The service will be available for the PONSSE Scorpion machines in early 2019.

More information
Jarmo Vidgrén, Sales and Marketing Director, Ponsse Plc, tel. +358 40 519 1486, jarmo.vidgren@ponsse.com
Juha-Matti Raatikainen, Marketing Manager, Ponsse Plc, tel. +358 40 482 8166  juha-matti.raatikainen@ponsse.com



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Danfoss expands electrification capability with acquisition of AXCO-Motors

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 14:13

With the acquisition of AXCO-Motors, a technology leader in large electric solutions (from 250 kW and up to 6 MW) for applications like maritime vessels and off-highway vehicles, Danfoss has strengthened its global position within mobile electrification. Danfoss is responding to the growing customer demand for electric solutions to reduce emissions and benefit from the efficiency and productivity gains that these solutions bring.

“Electrification is a global megatrend and holds very strong potential in fighting pollution and climate change. This acquisition is another commitment to broaden our mobile electrification capability as a core competency for Danfoss. It gives us the total package for serving our global markets with optimal solutions, and fully supports our customers’ needs — regardless of the chosen technologies. This will enable further growth in the markets we serve, and I’m really looking forward to welcoming the highly experienced and knowledgeable team from AXCO-Motors,” says Eric Alström, President, Danfoss Power Solutions.

AXCO-Motors, headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland, will be integrated into Danfoss Editron — a business within the Danfoss Power Solutions segment.

Kimmo Rauma, Vice President, Danfoss Editron, comments: “Several of our markets, such as off-highway, marine and distribution, are being challenged to reduce emissions and pollution. Mobile electric solutions are a highly relevant technology to this challenge, and AXCO-Motors is the leading expert in the large-scale power range up to 6 MW and thus an important and complementary technology to our current product range, and our mission to end pollution.”

“We have a passion for quality and for customer-focused products that fully meet the needs and requirements of each particular client, so joining Danfoss is great for us, because we have the same focus,” says Juhana Ylikojola, CEO at AXCO-Motors. “Being part of Danfoss means bigger capacity, a broader client base and possibilities for investment in innovation and market opportunities.”

For media information and photos:
Danfoss Media Relations, Tel: + 45 70 20 44 88
AXCO-Motors Press Contact, Tel: +358 400 48 0674 or +358 50 520 6163

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BID Group founder receives B.C. honours

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:54

BID Group founder Brian Fehr has been named to the Order of British Columbia. He will be among 14 people who will receive the province’s highest honour during a ceremony at Government House in Victoria on Sept. 20.

His biography, as provided by the Honours and Awards Secretariat, tells a story of stunning achievement while also overcoming considerable adversity. It also shows a deep commitment to rural B.C. and an ability to make the most of innovation.

Although having only a Grade 12 education, he has built BID Group into a billion-dollar concern that provides innovative technical systems and construction services for wood products industries in B.C., across Canada and into the United States.

The companies employ 400 people in B.C. and 1,400 more throughout North America. Always with an eye to innovation and through its subsidiary, DelTech, the BID Group has developed biomass energy systems that lower energy costs and greenhouse emissions, using wood waste that was formerly burned by the forest industry.

Following the Babine and Lakeland sawmill explosions, Fehr developed a dust-mitigation system that prevents recurrence of these disasters. BID retrofitted all of the 15 Canfor sawmills with the system.

He foresaw the potential of artificial intelligence and the potential for machinery to make decisions that would improve productivity. His ‘profiling’ technology allows a log to be processed into lumber with a single pass, cutting labour costs.

Auto grading, which uses computers to optimize the value of each piece of lumber by making decisions at a much higher production rate than manually grading lumber, has revolutionized the industry through minimizing loss in process, improvements in the value of finished products and cost reduction.

“His predictive maintenance processes for sawmills means equipment can be fixed before a breakdown occurs, increasing worker safety and improving efficiency.

Source: www.princegeorgecitizen.com
photo: BID Group founder Brian Fehr

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Swire Shipping pulling out of Tasmania

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:20

The operator of southern Tasmania’s only direct freight service has announced it is pulling out of the state in two weeks, forcing customers to transport goods to northern ports by road or rail. Singapore-based company Swire Shipping has been operating out of Hobart every nine days since 2015, but are stopping the service due to charter and bunker costs making the service “commercially unviable”.

The end of the service is expected to seriously affect the forestry sector, with one industry leader saying “a number of communities would be holding their collective breath knowing this will have a significant impact”.

Chief executive of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Michael Bailey said the biggest loser from the move was the southern Tasmanian forest industry, which had been using Swire’s service to export to international markets.

“We know that for our Southern forest industries, this is a really important way of getting their residues into a profitable market, so this is a problem,” he said. “There’s really no other option but for the southern industries to freight their products now north. We know the impact that has on their bottom line, and that’s going to be a problem for them.”

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania chief executive Craig Jones said the decision would be “a problem for the Swire’s customers who are using that and then also the customers for the wood overseas”. Mr Jones said the Tasmanian timber industry was sustainable into the future, but was in need of proper coordination. “It’s another illustration of the issue around residues in the southern forestry estate. Unless we find a manageable solution for that, it’s always going to be difficult,” he said.

A State Government spokesperson said logs could still be exported from Hobart through bulk shipments, and the loss of Swire would only affect containerised shipping. She said the Government would work with Swire customers to discuss the impact and alternative freight solutions and had engaged Evan Rolley to examine all forest residue options as a priority.

But Labor’s shadow minister David O’Byrne said forestry companies that relied on the Swire service to ship their product to Melbourne would be significantly affected. “It will mean they have significant extra costs to get their product to the northern ports or they’ll need to seek another exporter to move their products,” he said.

Source: ABC News

Photo: Chief executive of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Michael Bailey

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Hiab has big presence at FinnMETKO 2018

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:04

Cargotec’s Hiab introduces a spectacular range of LOGLIFT and JONSERED timber cranes at #FinnMETKO2018 at Jämsä, and offers the opportunity to experience the most modern crane control systems in a genuine environment.

“We are again strongly involved in FinnMETKO for the entire product line, with over 14 major bodybuilding units, we present extensive LOGLIFT and JONSERED products as well as versatile HIAB and MULTILIFT assemblies, and we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the highly attracted HiVisionTM control system in our test area. In addition, the traditional timber loading tour culminates at the fair in the finals, “says sales manager Jani Koskinen Hiabilta.

Hiab Finland will present at exhibition stand nr. 74 extensively for their services and solutions. Service Services is involved in presenting a comprehensive range of services and a new ProCare service agreement solution. The brochures also offer Hiab Finland’s extensive bodybuilding service solutions for HIAB and MULTILIFT.

“The department introduces our customers with ready-made timber transport solutions, with a wide range of boom models and lifting ranges, as well as control versions, including a test drive field where customers can access the electrically operated LOGLIFT 150Z crane and the LOGLIFT 118S HiVisionTM timber crane which gives the whole family the chance to get to the crane, “says Koskinen.

And Woodcutting 2018 is …?
On Friday, August 31, 2018, who will be the Finnish master of timber loading in 2018. A traditional competition will be held for the 33rd time. This year, a new element is the women’s finals, which starts on Friday at 13.00 and the official final of the men’s at 15.00. “In the opening competition there are again fast times and new challengers, so this year’s final is expected to be a very high level of competition”, says Jani Koskinen.

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Industrial production started at Metsä Wood’s Pärnu birch plant

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 12:49

The birch plywood factory Metsä Wood in Pärnu has been officially launched on August 27, 2018.

“The factory project has made full progress on schedule both in Finland and in Estonia. We are now in an important stage in which we are launching a factory production. Until now, the factory has been producing experimental production, the quality of which we have received excellent feedback. I am glad that we have received in Estonia highly motivated and skilled people to work with us in this demanding project, and now also in the production of the factory “, Metsä Wood’s Senior Vice President  Esa Kaikkonen  says.

There are currently about 65 employees and 10 staff members in Pärnu’s production plant. Production runs in three shifts five days a week. In September, another 12 new employees will be launched. The plywood production plant in Finland will be moved from the Suolahti plywood mill to Pärnu by the end of January, and then the need for labor will increase again by 30 people and the training will continue.

“This year has been a very intense work cycle for Pärnu. In addition to the factory ramp-up, many systems and operating models have been introduced in a very short time. I’m really proud of our highly motivated, skilled and well-trained personnel “, the Pärnu plant director  Kaarel Tali  says.

“A training program for new employees combining theory and practice has proved successful. Security issues are well-received here and we can say that we have been doing the best. There have been no accidents or accidents at the factory, and sickness absences have remained low, “continues Tali.

The veneers used by the Pärnu plant are manufactured in Äänekoski. The new veneer mill is intended to serve Pärnu’s production as efficiently as possible.

The Pärnu birch plywood mill is part of the EUR 100 million investment program implemented by Metsä Wood in 2017-2018, which was published in June 2016. The new plant will create some 200 jobs in Pärnu. Birch veneers are manufactured in Finland and processed into plywood at the Pärnu plant. The annual production capacity of birch plywood at the Pärnu plant is 50,000 cubic meters. The plant will achieve its full production capacity by the end of 2019.

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VEHO Utility Vehicles at FinnMETKO

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 12:32

In the Veho Commercial Vehicle Department you will find spectacular customer cars and a leisurely Connectivity Café where you can rest with a coffee pot and explore, among other things, Mercedes-Benz Uptim, bringing your productivity to a new level.

We are part of Finland’s largest machine event at FinnMETKO. The fair will be held in Jämsä from 30 August to 1 September 2018 and you will find us at the ballroom in department 302-306. The exhibition is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Heavy-side equipments introducing wood chips, wood and the hook car. New cars for vans: new Sprinter and new X series.

Come to our department to visit the trucks of our Finnish customers. Introducing:

  • Mechanical Engineering Aki Sammalisto Oy’s Actros 3563 (photo)
  • Trolleybus T A Myllykoski Ky’s Arocs 3758
  • Transport Särmäharju Ky’s Arocs 3258 car

Presentation of our vans in our department is:

  • New Sprinter hiking car launched in June
  • New X-series lorry car presented in Finland at the end of last year
  • Cita equipped with VebaBox mobile refrigerated transport solution.

Special vehicles exhibited are:

  • Unimog
  • Fuso Canter 4×4 with awning

Explore pioneer connectivity services and rest at our Connectivity Café.

In addition to the exhibition cars, our computing department presents information technology solutions:

  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime, which improves the usability and design of your truck
  • Mercedes PRO Connect, which improves the efficiency of your VW car business with connectivity and driving solution

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Sisu semi-wide Polar collection featured at FinnMETKO 2018 exhibition

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 12:12

Sisu extensively presents its collection at Finland’s largest and most important heavy duty trade show at FinnMETKO.
Sisu Timber wood carriages, Sisu Carrier machines, Sisu Rock dump trucks and of course Hybrid technology for heavy trucks are available at Sisu Department 17.

In addition, at the Heinolan Sahakoneet Oy department you can visit the new Sisu Polar platform mobile crankcase also in the form of work displays.

Visit Sisu here.

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Finning to work with Weiler to expand relationship as distributor of Cat® Purpose-Built Forestry Products

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 11:57

Finning International Inc. (TSX:FTT) has announced its intention to expand its dealer relationship with Weiler, Inc., following Caterpillar Inc.’s announcement that it has entered into a preliminary agreement to sell its Cat® purpose-built forestry business to Weiler.

“Finning already has a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with Weiler and we look forward to growing that relationship through distributing this portfolio of machines for the forestry industry through our extensive dealer networks in Canada and South America,” said Juan Carlos Villegas, COO of Finning International.

Founded in 2000, Weiler has a long-standing history of successfully manufacturing purpose-built equipment distributed through the Cat® dealer network. Finning will work to distribute Weiler’s purpose built-forestry machines including wheel skidders, track feller bunchers, wheel feller bunchers and knuckleboom loaders while continuing to provide Cat’s® forestry excavators designed for log loading, processing and other forestry applications. Weiler’s product offering is complementary to other specialty forestry lines already offered through Finning.

“We remain strongly committed to our forestry business and expect Weiler’s forestry customers will benefit greatly from the exceptional sales and service experience that Finning, as Caterpillar’s largest equipment dealer, is proud to be known for,” added Juan Carlos Villegas. “We will work with Caterpillar and Weiler during their transition to ensure a seamless customer experience.”

Photo:  Juan Carlos Villegas, COO of Finning International.

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Caterpillar Announces Plan to Sell the Purpose-Built Forestry Business

International Forest Industries - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 11:40

Caterpillar, Inc. (NYSE: CAT) has announced  that it has entered into a preliminary agreement with Weiler, Inc. to sell the Cat® purpose-built forestry business. The sale is subject to negotiation of a final agreement, the closing of which is expected by early 2019.

“We remain committed to supporting our forestry customers and the forestry industry,” said Tom Pellette, Caterpillar Construction Industries Group President. “The sale of the purpose-built forestry business enables Caterpillar and Weiler, through the dealer network, to serve the complete forestry industry while providing customers with the same outstanding sales and service support they’ve come to expect.”

Caterpillar will continue to provide forestry excavators designed for log loading, processing and other forestry applications, in addition to supplying core Caterpillar equipment to the forestry industry. Weiler will design and manufacture purpose-built forestry products, which will be available through the Cat and Prentice dealer networks.

The proposed sale includes the purpose-built forestry product line consisting of wheel skidders, track feller bunchers, wheel feller bunchers, knuckleboom loaders, and related operations facilities including the manufacturing plant and warehouse in LaGrange, Georgia, the demonstration and training center in Auburn, Alabama, and the legacy Prentice parts distribution center in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Founded in 2000, Weiler has a long-standing history of successfully manufacturing purpose-built equipment distributed through the Cat dealer network. Weiler currently produces an extensive portfolio of products and is a recognized manufacturer within paving, while also expanding into other industries.

“We believe that the purpose-built forestry product line is the ideal addition to our current product portfolio,” commented Pat Weiler, owner and founder of Weiler, Inc. “We have a proven track record of working with Cat dealers all over the world to respond rapidly to customers with specialized product needs. We are confident that our existing product line, our flexible design and manufacturing strategy, and our unrivaled customer focus will differentiate us within the forestry segment.”

It is anticipated that approximately 270 employees supporting the purpose-built forestry business will retain employment with Weiler. A small number of Caterpillar employees will continue to support forestry excavators and the existing forest products field population.

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Using Wildfires as an Excuse to Plunder Forests

GFIS - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 02:59
Logging won’t end the blazes that are sweeping the West.

GLF Africa 2018 Calls for Increased Global Ambition on Ecosystem Restoration

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 18:35
GLF Africa 2018 took place from 29-30 August, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. A “Voices of the Landscape” session explored diverse community restoration efforts. The ‘Atlas of Forest and Landscape Restoration Opportunities’ identifies the potential to restore more than two billion hectares worldwide, at an annual cost of US$350 billion.

Global Partnership Report Discusses Opportunities for Ecosystem Restoration

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 18:33
Focusing on positive messages from ongoing restoration projects, the report presents diverse cases studies, and discusses regional initiatives. The report highlights three key messages on the need for: “leadership, visibility and reach” through enhanced efforts at all levels; supporting countries to realize their restoration commitments through stronger guidance and tools; deepening commitments by targeting “benefits as well as hectares”; and scaling up funding and investment.

California Climate Assessment Provides Tools to Support Responses to Climate Impacts

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 17:11
The Fourth Assessment’s research scales down models to fill information gaps and support decisions at the local, regional and state levels. The assessment funded the development and enhancement of several tools and resources to support climate action. The assessment comes ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit, which will provide the opportunity for representatives from subnational governments, businesses and civil society to showcase climate actions.

The trout and the volcano: local man speaks on fish-farming venture

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 17:00
The introduction of small-scale commercial trout farming has helped communities living near the Tacana volcano in Guatemala and Mexico improve their livelihoods and forest management. In a new 1-minute video, local man No? Escalante describes how an ITTO-funded project has boosted incomes through aquaculture and forest conservation.

Report Assesses Progress on Water-related Ecosystems

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 16:40
The publication finds that severe water scarcity affects more than 200 river basins annually, with direct impacts on 2.67 billion people. The loss in natural wetlands is estimated at 42% in Africa, 32% in Asia, 35% in Europe, 59% in Latin America and the Caribbean, 17% in North America, and 12% in Oceania. Progress on monitoring and reporting indicator 6.6.1 (tracking changes in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time) data is slow.

Liberia Launches Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 16:22
The policy and response strategy seek to enable better coordination of climate change work in Liberia, provide cooperation and collaboration opportunities between the government and stakeholders, and enhance ongoing efforts related to Liberia’s NAP and NDC. The policy was developed with support from UNECA through a project funded by the GCF.

Nepal Highlights Lessons Learned, SDG Linkages in Adaptation

GFIS - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 16:18
The report describes the institutional and policy context, and covers development planning, climate policy and climate finance. The paper primarily focuses on near-term priorities, but underscores that “Nepal’s longer-term development vision is guided by the SDGs”. Nepal's NAP process covers seven thematic areas, each of which will be tied to specific “adaptation pathways” that can be mapped to the SDGs and feature concrete actions to be taken.

NEW PONSSE Bison Active Frame – Unbeatable powerhouse for long transport distances

International Forest Industries - Tue, 04/09/2018 - 12:32

Next Generation Productivity
Speed and efficiency – first-rate productivity! The next generation PONSSE Bison Active Frame forwarder is here. Unprecedented in the field, the CVT power transmission and Active Frame cabin suspension system raise productivity to an entirely new level, especially with long transport distances. The modern motor, powerful loader and robust powertrain makes the Bison Active Frame an unbeatable powerhouse for timber transport.

Long-Distance Sprinter
The new PONSSE Bison Active Frame demonstrates its superior especially over long transport distances. With the new CVT power transmission matching the driving speed and engine load to the situation, high productivity can be achieved at a low fuel consumption.

Experience the higher torque and stepless power transmission of the CVT drive – no more stops for switching between high and low gear operation. The new type of power transmission reduces fuel consumption. A truly unique powerhouse was created by combining these advantages with the modern high-torque Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines. Neverbefore-seen productivity.

The load bearing capacity of the Bison Active Frame is 16 tonnes. The large load space combined with the powerful and easy-to-use loader ensure efficient load handling at all work sites.

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